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Racing at Turf Paradise

Live & Simulcast Racing FAQ's

When is Turf Paradise open for live racing?

From October through May, generally 5-days a week, Friday through Tuesday

How do I get to Turf Paradise?

Turf Paradise is located at 19th Avenue and Bell Road. The track is easy to access via I-17, Loop 101 or Rt. 51.

What is the track's main phone number?

(602) 942-1101

What is the admission for Turf Paradise?

Grandstand is $2.00; Clubhouse and Turf Club, $4.00. Seniors receive free grandstand admission Monday and Tuesday.

What are the dining options at Turf Paradise?

There are dining options in is the Turf Club and Clubhouse and multiple concession in Grandstand level 1 and level 2.

What time do the "live" races start? Simulcast racing?

Live racing starts at 12:30 pm; the first simulcast is at 9:00 am

What time do the betting windows open?

Betting windows open with the first simulcast at 9:00 am.

How many races does Turf Paradise run each day?

Nine live races are offered daily, plus 80-100 simulcasts.

What is simulcasting?

Simulcasting is the simultaneous live televising of races from other race tracks for the purpose of wagering.

Do you offer simulcast racing year-round?

Except for Christmas Day, simulcasting is offered daily, year-round, beginning at 9:00 am.

Is there an admission charge for simulcast only days?


Are there food and beverage options during simulcast racing?

Yes. Food and Beverage menu and daily specials are offered in the Clubhouse.

Do you have betting carrels?

There are two betting carrel areas at Turf Paradise: One located in the Clubhouse, the other called the Players' Club, located adjacent to the Turf Club. Each carrel area offers 80 private stations, each with its own multi-channel monitor, plus banks of large screen TVs and mutual tellers and self-serve machines.

How much is parking?

General parking is free; valet is $5.00.

What is the legal gambling age?


Are children allowed?

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.

What is a "post time"?

Post time is the scheduled start time of each race.

Where can I find entries for the day's races and results?

The Arizona Republic Sports page, Turf Paradise's website – www.turfparadise.com – and www.equibase.com.

How do I make a reservation for the Clubhouse or Turf Club?

For Clubhouse reservations, call (602) 375-6470; Turf Club (602) 375-6472.

Do you have a dress code?

No. However, proper casual attire is requested in the Turf Club.

Does the track have promotions and special events?

Yes. Access the special events page for a complete listing

Can I bring a cooler in?

Coolers are not permitted inside the facility

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not permitted

What is a dark day?

A dark day is when the track offers simulcast racing only with no live racing.

Is there live racing at night

Live racing takes place during the day time only. However, simulcast racing is offered day and night.

What is an OTB?

An OTB is an Off Track Betting facility. There are over 60 OTBs in Arizona. To locate an OTB nearest you, access www.turfparadise.com, or ask the receptionist at (602) 942-1101.

Can I buy a Program and Daily Racing Form at an OTB?

Daily Racing Forms and programs are available at all OTBs.

What races are shown at the OTBs and how do I find out what race tracks you are showing?

Turf Paradise's website updates that information daily. Go to www.turfparadise.com and access OTB schedule.

Do horses race in bad weather?


How can I get a win photo and/or video of a race?

A win photo can be ordered through Coady photography at (602) 375-6479. A video of a race can be ordered through the receptionist at the general lobby.

How do I apply for employment at Turf Paradise?

Applications for employment can be made in the General Lobby.

Owners/Horsemen FAQs

What are the Horsemen Bookkeepers Hours?

The Horsemen's Bookkeeper is available for business on live race days from 10:30am until 4:00pm

How can I reach the H.B. if I am not at the track?

H.B. can be reached via 602-375-6404 or email Due to high volume of calls please leave a message if you receive voicemail and the H.B. will return your call.

How can I access the funds in my account?

Check requests my be done in person, via phone message, email or through internet. If requesting via phone or email, please give the last four digit of your SSN. For Incompass "webcheck" request please see the H.B. for online access. It is required to have a current W-9 to access funds. W-9s are available from H.B. or may be obtained online at www.irs.gov.

Can I wire money to my account?

Yes. The H.B. has wire transfer functions available.

What is online account access?

Horsemen may access their account online. H.B. will assist with online access. You can view your statement, check account balance, tax forms and request checks any time.

Note: "web checks" can only be written exactly as the account is set up.

Special Events FAQs

Do you host Special Events for large groups?

Yes, we can host events for groups up to 2,000 people

Do you host Award Banquets?

Yes, we have hosted a number of award banquets for group up to 500 people

Do you rent your parking lots for Special Events?

Yes, we have 3 parking lots to choose from

What is the largest parking lot you have for rent?

The largest parking lot of the 3 is 322,000 square feet obstructive free

Do you host Vehicle Demonstrations in any of these lots?

Yes, we have held a number of Vehicle Demonstrations here at Turf Paradise

What is the cost to rent the parking lot?

Pricing determined by how much space is needed and the day of the week

Who do I contact about pricing?

Contact our Group Sales Department at (602) 375-6478

Group Sales FAQs

What is the minimum number of people for a group?

Fifteen (15) people is the minimum number for Senior roups, 20 for group events.

How do I schedule a group outing at Turf Paradise?

Call our Group Sales Department at (602) 375-6478

Do you host Group Events for company outings?

Yes, we offer a Varity of group packages

Do you host group outings for Senior and Red Hat groups?

Yes, we host a number of these groups at Turf Paradise and offer special rates on Monday and Tuesday during live racing.

What if our group wished to have a private room for our event?

We offer a number of private rooms for you group, just contact group sales to make an appointment to view the different rooms.

Do you require a deposit?

We do require a 50% deposit for all groups prior to your event.

Can I pay the balance of my bill the day of our event?

Yes, once we have your deposit we present the group leader with a final bill the day of your event.

What is the minimum number of people for a buffet menu?

Cerain Buffets require a 20 person minimum, while others are a 50 person minimum.

Dining FAQ's

Is there a dress code?

The dress code for Turf Club is collared shirt and casual pants. The dress code in the Clubhouse is casual.

How can I make a reservation for the Clubhouse or Turf Club?

You can make reservations by calling the main number which is 602-942-1101 or
Clubhouse: 602-375-6470
Turf Club: 602-375-6472

Do you have food for sale on the track apron?

Yes on the lower level we have the Triple Crown grill which features American fair hamburgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, french fries etc. and on special event days we grill hamburgers, bratwurst, hot dogs on a barbeque grill at the end of the apron.

Can I bring in a cooler in?

It is a company policy that we do not permit outside food or beverage in the facility.

Is your facility handicapped accessible?

Yes the facility is handicapped accessible.

How do I get to Turf Paradise?

Going north on I-17 take exit bell road go east to 19th Avenue turn south for one block turn left on Turf Paradise Way. We are located right behind Wal-Mart. For detailed direction click here.

What days of the week does Turf Paradise race?

Generally Turf Paradise races five days a week, Friday through Tuesday, but for up to date racing dates and post times please check the racing calendar.(pdf)

Are children allowed?

Yes children are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 21.

When are the special buffets?

We have a delicious breakfast and lunch buffet on the following special race days:
Breeders' Cup – Saturday, November 6th
Kentucky Derby – Saturday, May 7th
Preakness Stakes – Saturday, May 21st
Belmont Stakes – Saturday, June 5th

When do you take reservations for the Kentucky Derby?

We start to take reservations on April 1st

How do I apply for employment at Turf Paradise?

Click here to visit our jobs area. We also advertise on jobbing.com. Or fill out an application in person at Turf Paradise; we are located at 1501 West Bell Road Phoenix AZ 85023.

Who do I speak with if I want to bring a group?

We have a group sales specialist that specializes in the needs of all groups. Groups generally need to be 15 people or more our Group Sales office number is 602-375-6478.

Wagering FAQs

What is "Straight" wagering?

Betting to Win, Place or Show are examples of straight wagering.

What is "Exotic" wagering?

Examples of exotic wagering are Daily Double, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Pick 3, 4 and 5s, and Superfecta.

Are "How to Bet" guides available?

Yes. They're available at the Gift Shops in the Grandstand, Clubhouse and Turf Club and also available online at www.turfparadise.com.

Who can answer a question about betting?

Any mutuel teller will be happy to answer your question and assist you in making a wager.

Are there easy steps to making a bet?

There are two easy steps to making a bet on any live or simulcast race. First, indicate which track and race number you wish to bet on. And then second, state the amount of wager, the type of bet and the program number (s).