Group Sales at Turf Paradise

Vehicle Demonstrations/Ride and Drive Events



Vehicle Demonstrations/ Ride and Drive events

Turf Paradise is the perfect place for car related events. Our large parking lots provide ample space to demonstrate vehicle performance through created drive courses. You’ll be sure to find the space needed to showcase any type of vehicle. Contact Group Sales at 602-375-6478 to plan a large or small scale ride and drive event.

Parking lot map/detail

Do you rent your parking lots for Special Events?
Yes, we have 3 parking lots to choose from

What is the largest parking lot you have for rent?
The largest parking lot of the 3 is 322,000 square feet obstructive free

Do you host Car Sales in any of these lots?
Yes, we have held a number of car sales here at Turf Paradise

What is the cost to rent the parking lot?
Pricing determined by how much space is needed and the day of the week

Who do I contact about pricing?
Contact our Group Sales Department at (602) 375-6478