For Horsemen and Fans at Turf Paradise

Without the horses, there would be no racing at Turf Paradise. Therefore we have provided this section so that local and out-of-state owners can keep up on the necessary information needed on racing at Turf Paradise.

This section is not limited to just horsemen so feel free to browse through.


1501 West Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85023


In order to assist both our locally based and visiting owners and trainers in maximizing their racing experience at Turf Paradise, we are pleased to provide the services of an enthusiastic and dedicated Director of Horsemen Relations. The Director is available to arrange for track admissions, seating and dining, hotel reservations, license validations and parking stickers. The Horsemen Services office is located by the Horsemen's Bookkeeper office. To reach a Horsemen Services staff member, please call (602) 375-6476.


The Bookkeeper's office is located inside the general offices hallway, near the west end of the Grandstand. The Bookkeeper's office is open on race days only during the following hours: 10:30 - 4:00

Phone: 602-375-6404
Fax: 602-375-6483


Purse money will not be available until cleared by the Arizona Department of Racing (A.D.O.R). Earnings cleared by the ADOR are available the following race day. Current W-9s are necessary to receive funds. W-9s are available at the Bookkeeper's office or www.irs.gov


The race office is located inside Gate 3 next to the stable area near the west end of the Grandstand. Race office hours are as follows:

Wednesday and Thursday: closed
Race Day:7:30a.m.-last live race.


The ATBA conducts an annual Yearling sale late in the fall and promotes an annual state-bred champions day in the spring. Sale catalogues can be obtained from the ATBA office located just south of Turf Paradise on 19th Ave. Office hours are 8:30a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri. For more information, call the ATBA office at (602) 942-1310.


Owners claiming a horse must have sufficient funds on account with the bookkeeper prior to the running of the race. Claim deposits must be made in cash, certified check or bank draft. In the event a personal check is used, ample time must be allowed for the check to clear the bank. (In-state checks - 5 business days. Out of state checks - 10 business days. Cleared purse funds may also be used.


Owners are required to have sufficient funds on account for all fees prior to the running of the race.


The Arizona Department of Racing (ADOR) licensing office is accessed by entering Gate 3 on 19th Avenue. The office is located on the east end of the Racing Office next to the Turf Paradise/HBPA medical trailer. License applications and renewals are processed at the following times:

All Race Days: 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Association (Turf Paradise) validation stickers and parking stickers are available in the Horsemen Services office on race days from 10 a.m. through the last race. Parking stickers entitle owners to parking privileges in the Horsemen's lot (Gate 3). A valid ADOR license is required for Clubhouse admission.


A complimentary table for four in the Clubhouse is available for owners the day of their race. (Complimentary owners tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to provide better service, we require owners to make reservations when the overnight comes out.) Owners are entitled to complimentary will-call admissions the day of their race.


Turf Paradise offers the following services to owners with horses running in a stake race: Complimentary table for four in the Clubhouse restaurants, valet parking and programs. Owners of stake race entries must RSVP with Horsemen Services upon entry or receipt of invitation.


Owners of stake race winners will be presented a trophy during the winner's circle ceremony and will receive a complimentary DVD video of the race.


Videos include the title of the race, footage of the race, winner's circle ceremony, and official payouts. DVD Video and current price rates can be requested at the General offices Switchboard, located on the lower level.


If you would like to view how a horse performed in its last start, try the all new computerized Video Replay Booth on the first floor of the Grandstand. Use the touch screen monitors to select the date/race.


With a full-time chaplain, Turf Paradise has a chapel on track grounds offering Sunday services, children's Sunday school and counseling for all licensees during the race season. For more information, please contact the chaplain's office at 602-942-1101